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The Power of Speech
2002-04-30, 8:02 p.m.


By eNtity|~wt

A lot of people don't ever think about how powerful their language(s) are. Or how complex. But There's an order to them nonetheless, not a law-based order but a logic-driven one. This is because languages whether engineered initially or born from the primordial soup of flowing thought, evolve continuously. If they fail to do so then they die. There are cases where a language has been preserved, but those are normally instances where it is no longer the "language of the nation." In effect it's a corpse that hasn't stopped breathing.

This seems like a silly topic for an alert, until you think about what our children learn in schools. Hard, cold, and definitively fictional Laws Of Grammar. Again it seems minor until you think about it. In words. That are arranged in nice, proper sentences. That's not how it should work. Words are magic, and sentences are spells. Books should be powerful things full of enchantments and mystic dreams, not boring schlock like our beloved Brand [insert country here] pulp.

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