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reply to never can tell
2002-06-15, 12:20 a.m.

I agree, I met someone last year, a girl named MeLissa who was absolutely beautiful and looked very very very American. She had very very dark brown hair and bright blue eyes; absolutely beautiful, with very very light skin. It was strange to see a mix of those features, but she was still absolutely stunning, and as it turned out, she was from South Africa.

I just saw a commercial on NBC about this the other day. It was one of those from the "The More You Know" series of commercials they have. It featured the actor who played Will on Will & Grace, holding a black shoe-box type of thing, and he asked what was in it. He then you said "You can't tell, can you? Just from looking? Not really sure... Don't judge."

I'm one of the more in-your-face type of protestors, although not exactly one of the lovers of scare tactics, but it's still nice to see big companies such as NBC putting out those sorts of PAs.

Also, I just got a letter from my state's Rep., Dale Kildee, saying he recieved a letter I sent him on the Hate Crimes act that will soon be voted on, and he is in full support, and will continue to be for the rest of the campaign. :)

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