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Tell the New Times not to exploit people with disabilities
2002-07-22, 2:51 p.m.

*** NOTICE *** This issue has now been partially resolved - the New Times will no longer be running the ad. But you might want to contact [email protected], the web host, and complain to them. You also might want to tell the seller himself what you think of him/his products, so I'm leaving the post up.


The following ad appears in the New Times, a Los Angeles area free newspaper. They've been running it for over a month now - when I first saw it, I called their advertising department to notify them that this is illegal (as well as outrageously unethical). But they're still running it.


STREET HUSTLERS Scammers and hustlers make $600-$900 per week selling handicap parking permits at concerts, sporting events, shopping malls etc. Easy money. 972-241-2326. see www.wife-beaters.com


The person selling these is:

James Doolin

11258 Goodnight Lane, Suite 105

Dallas, Texas 75229

Tel. 800.886.2653 or 972.241.2326

Email: [email protected]

I think it's time that I wasn't the only one complaining to the New Times. Would they run an ad for scammers and hustlers to help defraud elderly people out of their life insurance or pensions? Of course not. Let them know that helping these fuckheads exploit people with disabilities, people who NEED those parking spaces, is just as bad.

These placards are sold as "novelty" items, with the word "novelty" in small letters at the bottom of each placard. Somehow I doubt that the average security guy in a mall parking lot looks at them that closely. Claiming they're just for "novelty" purposes doesn't make it any better - they are obviously sold so people can use the parking spaces, and the ad makes it quite clear that this is their intention.

By continuing to run this ad, even though they know the scheme is illegal, the New Times is basically helping someone exploit people with disabilities in exchange for the money they get from the classified ad. This makes them not much better than the guy selling the permits.

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