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Release the Chapter on Saudi Arabia of the 9-11 Congressional Report
2003-08-03, 1:57 a.m.

Contributed by Working Assets

There is a great deal of interest in the information included in the just released congressional intelligence report on 9/11 such as the finding that U.S. intelligence had no evidence of a link between Iraq and al Qaeda but some of what is most interesting is being suppressed by the White House.

White House officials have gone to great lengths to keep certain information away from the congressional panel, and, failing that, simply insisted on deleting the information in the public report. Battles between the White House and congressional investigators have delayed release of the report since December.

A 28-page chapter detailing support for the 9/11 terrorists by foreign governments, particularly Saudi Arabia, is dominated by blank lines that were deleted at White House insistence. The evidence from other sources is overwhelming that most of the terrorists on the hijacked planes were Saudis, and that some of the terrorists received direct financial support from leading Saudi citizens.

With the White House suffering from a major credibility gap on the underpinnings of its war on Iraq, this is not time to stonewall. The White House should simply release the unedited chapter, even at risk of offending a major supplier of imported oil.

Call to action

Tell the White House to stop covering up evidence of Saudi involvement in the al Qaeda 9/11 attacks and release the chapter on Saudi Arabia of the 9-11 congressional report.

Deadline: Ongoing

Click here to send an email to George Bush to express your concern - Act For Change

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