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Truth is a virus, capitalism is an antigen..
2002-04-19, 8:57 p.m.

What comes next?

By eNtity

|--A lot of people are spending their time picking clothes, or flirting, or bouncing around the net watching porn videos. While there are two major wars going on. If Iwe may ask, doesn't this sound a little bit like 1984? The capitalist environment we exist in has served to desensitize us to violence and death by pvoviding myriad distractions. If you don't like the cold harsh reality around, why... you can just flip on Mr. TV and get your does of hard Info-crack.
The second phase of desensitization is perpetrated by that same "sacred 'set." When enough similar material is provided to an individual, no matter how astounding any portion of it would have been initially, once critical mass has been reached it homogenates. If you try to escape it, it hunts you down in the form of logos, banner ads, sales pitches, slang, and pop culture.
Now, even the realm of cyberpunk is not sacrosanct. You hear the tech-riders talk about how stupid the trend towards Culture Inc. is all the time. But then you watch them go off to chat using one of the big name messenger programs or snack on that huge bag of delightfully distinctive brand-name chips they bought. Maybe they even whip out a copy of Neuromancer, or some other ground-breaker. They never realize that the same book had to go through draft after draft to get publish. The material world is controlled. Forces sub-ordinate to the almighty green choose what gets release, and only their sanction brings about its existence. Just like the culture that once powered it, the net is slowly becoming the territory of commercial gain.
Something must change.

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