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keep assault weapons off our streets
2004-06-14, 4:47 p.m.

Dear StoptheNRA supporter,

Momentum is building and pressure is mounting for Congress to renew the Assault Weapons Ban. With less than 30 legislative days left before the ban expires, we must maintain this momentum.

Here's what's been going on:

We have launched our television ad campaign. This week we started broadcasting cable television commercials in the Washington D.C. area. Click here to view the ad. With your help we can keep this ad and others running through the summer to keep the pressure on Congress. Isn't it worth $25 to keep assault weapons off our streets?

The Brady Campaign has just released a briefing paper linking terrorism and assault weapons. If the ban expires there is no doubt that these groups will have greater access to assault weapons. In this day and age that's sheer insanity.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress are actively lining up co-sponsors for the Assault Weapons Ban renewal bill in the House.

Major police organizations throughout the country have voiced support for renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban.

Here's what Bob Barr, NRA Board Member, has to say about our momentum:

"If the anti-gun lobby is emboldened by their success in sinking the liability bill and really mounts a serious effort to pass reauthorization of the Clinton gun ban in the Senate, that could pose a real problem, as if it passes in the Senate there would be a great deal of momentum to push the House to adopt it..."

Here's what happens if the ban expires:

In most states, eighteen-year-olds will be able to walk into gun stores and buy new American-made AK-47s.

In many states, it will be possible to bring concealed TEC-9 assault pistols, loaded with thirty rounds of ammunition, into bars, churches and sports arenas, and even public schools or universities.

In many states, kids as young as 13 will be able to buy brand new American-made AK-47s at gun shows and through classified ads.

New assault weapons will be advertised over the internet.

New rapid-fire ammunition magazines that allow guns to fire up to 100 rounds without reloading will be mass-produced and sold on a cash-and-carry basis to anyone, with no questions or background checks.

Here's how you can help:

1. Contribute to our campaign.

2. Sign our petition if you haven't yet.

3. Forward this mail to everyone you know.

Thanks for your support.

To be continued...


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