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Protect Disability Rights in CA
2003-03-07, 4:44 p.m.

California and our country have grown more inclusive, more fair, and more productive as a result of civil rights laws that establish the rights of people with disabilities to work, live, and learn free from discrimination. Despite that progress, there are forces in California and across the nation that want to weaken our disability rights laws. Tell your legislators that you oppose AB 209, a bill that will authorize more foot-dragging and delays in providing access to people with disabilities.

Tell your friends, colleagues, and family members that they can help protect the rights of everyone by standing up against efforts to dilute our disability rights laws.


We encourage you to take action by May 31, 2003

Protect California's Disability Rights


If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on this alert by going to the following URL:


Your letter will be addressed and sent to:
Governor Gray Davis
Your Assemblyperson (if you live in CA)
Your State Senator (if you live in CA)


Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

As your constituent, I strongly urge you to oppose AB 209 and any effort to curtail or impede the rights established under California law for people with disabilities.

Requiring notice and a waiting period is a unique burden that, in effect, authorizes foot-dragging and noncompliance.

Weakening the rights of people with disabilities is wrong and short-sighted, and Californians understand that disability rights concern everyone.

Nearly 54 million Americans have some form of disability, and the numbers are growing as our population ages. It is essential to everyone in our society that we think, plan, build, hire, and educate so that people with disabilities have full and fair access as a matter of course -- and as a matter of right.

I urge you to oppose any measure that seeks to roll back the rights of people with disabilities. The ADA has been in existence for over a decade: it's past time for compliance -- and definitely not the time to authorize further delays.


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