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Pressure GM, and Win a Hybrid Civic!
2002-04-28, 10:03 p.m.

In honor of Earth Week, we've come up with a great way to fight the short-sightedness of American car companies. We need your help. Hey, there's even a chance to win a free, new Honda Civic Hybrid. Read on...

In the energy bill about to pass in the Senate, General Motors has again scuttled sound energy policy. GM spent millions lobbying against fuel efficiency standards. Meanwhile, American car companies are getting trapped in a market niche that will eventually disappear -- focusing on products like the 8,600 pound Humvee. We've got to save GM from its own short-sightedness, before it's too late.

General Motors needs to hear from us in the most powerful way possible. We urge you to take this pledge:

"I will seriously consider buying a General Motors vehicle ONLY if:

- GM offers a fuel-efficient line of vehicles;

- GM supports meaningful increases in fuel efficiency standards;

- GM supports efforts to reduce carbon pollution and global warming."

Just go to:


When you pledge, we'll automatically enroll you in a drawing for a new Honda Civic Hybrid, conducted by our friends at the Patriot's Energy Pledge campaign. The hybrids from Japan prove that great cars can be efficient too. Why is Japan out in front on this? Didn't we learn anything from the 70s, when American car companies lost huge market share to foreign imports?

Sign the pledge now. The free Honda Civic Hybrid will be awarded July 4th in Washington, DC. Let's save the American car industry from itself. Let's save hundreds of thousands of American jobs. Let's save our country from its crippling dependence on oil. Let's lead the world to a sustainable future.

Go to:


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