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VoteNoWar's Message For Oct 25th Demonstration
2003-10-24, 12:54 p.m.

Everyone should feel proud of the role that VoteNoWar members have played in making the October 25 mass demonstration in Washington DC and joint action in San Francisco such a huge success. Tens of thousands will be demonstrating against the Bush administration's war at home and abroad.

(The weather in D.C. is forecast to be sunny and in the mid-60s on Saturday)

The rally, which will go from 11 am to 2 pm EST, will be broadcast live on C-Span and will be rebroadcast during the weekend. The event will also be broadcast live on Pacifica radio. This event will receive national and international media attention and show new growth for the peace and anti-war movement as the Bush administration's war and occupation are increasingly reviled by public opinion as illegal, immoral and justified by now-exposed lies and deceit.

Speakers at the October 25 demonstrations in Washington and San Francisco include Ramsey Clark, Cynthia McKinney, Rev. Martin Luther King III, Dennis Kucinich, Rev. Al Sharpton and others. Thousands of veterans and family members of soldiers will be participating in the demonstration. They will also be speaking from the platform. Fernando de Solar Suarez, whose son was killed in the first days of the invasion, will be making a presentation. So will Kathleen Tinley, representing 9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, a group of family members who lost loved ones during the September 11 attacks and who are actively speaking out against Bush's campaign of" endless war."

These demonstrations are part of a surge of activities against the Bush administration. Thousands of demonstrators gained world media attention today when they protested Bush's appearance in Australia. The Australian peace movement is also holding October 25 demonstrations in coordination with the Washington DC and San Francisco demonstrations. There will be coordinated demonstrations in more than 40 countries this Saturday.

Bring the Troops Home Now! The national movement to "Bring the Troops Home Now" will be the next follow up campaign that will be widely publicized from the stage and at literature tables at the Saturday demonstration." Bring the Troops Home Now" committees are forming in every state and using the referendum at the VoteNoWar.org website as the online anchor for this effort.

In solidarity,

- All of us at VoteNoWar

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