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Volunteer at Schools
2002-04-03, 6:37 a.m.

What I am posting isn't a specific event. It isn't a rally, a march or a protest. But I think that it is political action in itself. I'm hoping it is appropriate for this site.

Volunteer at a local school. Yes, take time at a local school to help spread your causes. The sex-ed class may need someone to come in and talk about homophobia. The environmental studies class may appreciate your talk on SUV's. Students love first hand experience and will have questions galore - especially if you have stories you can tell or can make the talk something they can relate to.

Be picky. By this I mean don't go into just any school. Talk to the teachers. See if you have a friend who can introduce you to one that may be interested. Clear it all with the Principal first - they may be able to suggest teachers to work with. Check if the Learning Resource Teacher is organizing any units that your information may be appropriate for. Your time may not be given just talking to students - your time may be better spent helping teachers organize a unit that incorporates your information. Find an opportunity and go for it.

One caution. Don't go in on a soap box. Go in as 'this is my information, my experience and I am sharing it with you'. Avoid generalizations ('All SUV drivers are evil and should rot in hell' may get some calls from parents who drive SUV's and who now have children scared for their lives). Let them know the dangers of what you are fighting against. Making people mad is good, but ensure they are mad at injustice, not at you. Give them information on how they can help - pamphlets for a local organization, an address for a letter writing campaign, anything.

I know this isn't an event that you are making your voice heard. But in many ways, you are not just making your voice heard, but inspiring voices for the next generation. If one child listens and takes up your cause, you will have made a difference.

I hope this was appropriate to this site,


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