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Bush Cuts Hurt Families
2003-05-13, 12:58 p.m.

This is a critical message from Stop Family Violence.

Please take action and forward as quickly and broadly as possible!

Please ask every member of your organization, church or congregation, school, or listserv to take action individually.

Please send to friends and family too!

We need to make as much noise as possible on this one!!

On Thursday May 15, the Senate will be voting on an irresponsible tax bill

that will provide at least $350 billion in tax-breaks. Meanwhile, severe

budget deficits are affecting real people's lives:

Massachusetts has proposed eliminating all funding for Sexual Assault

programs throughout the state. Connecticut may eradicate the Office of

Victim Advocacy. Maine has proposed eliminating 6 out of their 7 domestic

violence prosecutor positions. Arizona has already eliminated 191 probation

officers and proposes eliminating 164 more. A judge from that state warns

that sexual and domestic violence offenders will not receive proper

supervision with these staff reductions. Tennessee has proposed cuts to

probation, parole, substance abuse, early childhood education and child

abuse prevention programs. Maryland is cutting legal aid funding by 75%;

Pennsylvania proposes $48 million in cuts for mental health services;

Missouri will be making cuts to Medicaid so drastic that 84,200 children

will lose health care coverage; Minnesota proposes decreasing child-care

subsidies, leaving single working moms with the choice of placing their

children at risk because of inadequate child-care or s

topping work altogether. And the list goes on.


Tell your Senators to support the States!

Tell them to support our safety!

Tell them to support our families!

Tell them this is not time for a tax-break of any size!!

Visit Stop Family Violence. to learn more about the tax-cut plan

and to send a free, pre-written e-mail to your Senators.

ALSO - On Wednesday, May 14 - MAKE A TOLL-FREE CALL to your Senators telling



(thanks to the AFL-CIO for the toll-free line)

If you're having trouble getting through on the toll-free line, or if you

can't place your call on Wednesday, please call the Capitol Switchboard at


If you've never called your legislators before - it's easy! Just ask the

operator for your Senator's office. Tell the staff person your name,

address, and that you're calling to urge the Senator to vote against any tax

cuts, and to support the states in their fiscal crisis. That's it!!

Please let us know you've made the call and tell us how it went by visiting THIS SITE

If this was your first time calling, please tell us that, and tell us how it

felt to get involved!

Also let us know if you'd like a Stop Family Violence bumper-sticker!!!

There is no question that your calls and messages on this issue really

matter. In April, because of the huge outpouring of calls to Congress, we

succeeded in getting the Senate to reduce their preliminary tax-cut proposal

from $724 billion to $350 billion - less than half of the President's


Let's keep the pressure on!!! Send a message today - make a call on


To learn how your legislators vote on this and other matters sign up for


Stay informed by joining the Stop Family Violence mailing list.

Please pass this message along to others. These tax cuts will affect us


Thanks for getting involved!

Irene Weiser

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