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Give UN Inspections a Chance
2002-09-20, 2:58 p.m.

Rather than claim Saddam Hussein's unconditional acceptance of a new round of UN weapons inspections as a victory for peace, the Bush administration still seems intent on making war. Indeed, the White House is pushing hard for Congress to quickly pre-authorize the use of military force and ignoring voices of moderation, such as that of conservative House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX), who said Baghdad's public capitulation is a great opportunity to ''wait and see ... trust, but verify.''

Hussein's track record of deception and belligerence means his sincerity must always be treated with firm skepticism. However, giving this administration the authorization to launch preemptive war against Iraq under any circumstances would be a terrible mistake. UN-led inspections, done carefully yet aggressively, can save countless lives and dollars, without further isolating the United States diplomatically.

Last week, Bush mocked Democrats who want to give the United Nations Security Council time to pass a resolution clarifying Iraq's obligation to cooperate with the world community. And after Iraq's announcement, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld rushed to Congress to urge it to authorize preemptive action before the UN Security Council can vote on the issue.

Why the sudden rush? After all, we ''contained'' the Soviet Union for decades. Could it be the White House believes war posturing will help Republicans hold the House and win control of the Senate in the upcoming November election?

Call to action

Modern warfare is both extremely expensive and deadly, not a CNN-ready videogame. Before we let loose the bloody dogs of war, let us give inspections and weapons destruction a chance: Urge your senator to vote NO on any authorization of military force until the UN can undertake a new round of weapons inspections in Iraq.

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