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Protect the Violence Against Women Act!
2002-09-20, 3:02 p.m.

Protest Appointment to Violence Against Women Advisory Committee

On Women's Equality Day, August 26, it was announced that Attorney General John Ashcroft nominated Independent Women's Forum President Nancy M. Pfotenhauer, as well as another IWF member, to the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women. Unbelievably, Pfotenhauer and the Independent Women's Forum are vocal opponents of the Violence Against Women Act!

Representatives of the Independent Women's Forum have testified in Congress against VAWA and supported a lawsuit challenging the act. Materials on the Independent Women's Forum's site claim, for example, that 'the battered women's movement has outlived its useful beginnings' and that VAWA 'is based on ignorance, non-facts, and wishful thinking about the power of the federal government to curb violence between intimate partners.'

As a member of the committee, Pfotenhauer will now advise the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services in implementing VAWA, which provides funds to track down domestic abusers, expand shelters for battered women and prevent violent crimes against women on college campuses.

IWF's continuing opposition to VAWA indicates that Pfotenhauer and her allies do not have the safety and health of women and children at heart when it comes to our nation's efforts to end domestic and sexual violence.

Tell Attorney General John Ashcroft that Nancy M. Pfotenhauer and other foes of VAWA have no place on the National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women.

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