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Why Care About Colombia?
2002-03-23, 10:09 p.m.

Why Care?

As U.S. citizens, we must take responsibility for our country's policies around the world. In Colombia and the Andean Region, our taxpayer money is paying to escalate a civil war, displace hundreds of thousands of civilians, strengthen a military with a horrible human rights record (and clear ties to paramilitaries with an even worse human rights record), damage critical bio-diversity in the Amazon basin, and more!

And while these policies are not even slowing the influx of cocaine and heroin onto the streets of the U.S., proven drug prevention and treatment programs are drastically underfunded.

The National Mobilization on Colombia has produced a series of fact sheets to provide simple, informative explanations for many of the complex issues relating to US policy toward Colombia. These fact sheets should help clarify (and spread the word) about why YOU should care how your taxpayer's dollars are spent in Colombia and the Andean Region. Each fact sheet is available in HTML (quicker) and PDF (better for printing). Educate your community by helping us distribute these sheets!

Read about Aerial Eradication of illegal crops like coca and poppy in Colombia.

Read about US Oil Interest in Colombia.

Read about the US "War on Drugs".

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