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January 27 - the Trigger for War - WHY WE MUST ACT NOW!
2003-01-02, 8:34 p.m.

January 27 - the Trigger for War

National March on Washington
to Stop Bush's War on Iraq

"Most United Nations diplomats" believe that the war can come in "record time" after the weapons inspectors' report is presented to the U.N. on January 27. "Not coincidentally," reports Reuters (1/1/03), "the date is an approximate time when the U.S. military would be ready to attack."

Intervention by the people of the United States can stop the Bush Administration from using the report as an automatic trigger. The Associated Press reports in its New Year's poll that 2/3 of respondents in the U.S. are worried that an attack on Iraq will bring an attack on the soil of the U.S.

Despite the fact that weapons inspectors have found no trace of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons in Iraq after unfettered access and 200 searches across the country, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld has ordered the doubling of troops near Iraq to over 100,000 by early January. The Pentagon is sending 11,000 more desert trained combat soldiers, foot soldiers, armor, aviation and artillery units, dozens more striker aircraft and two more aircraft carrier battle groups to the region by early January as well.

The January 18 National March on Washington DC may very well be the last opportunity that we have on a national level to show the breadth and depth of opposition -- the last chance to stop Bush's scheduled plan to start this war on Iraq. It is imperative that as many people as possible fill the streets of Washington DC to show united and mass opposition and the strength and power of our movement.

While local actions are the essence of a grassroots movement and continue to take place everyday, there are times that require the people of the United States to come together in the largest possible mobilization.

BUSES ARE TRAVELING TO WASHINGTON DC AND TO THE JOINT ACTION IN SAN FRANCISCO FROM OVER 150 CITIES IN 40 STATES. Go to http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/j18/j18contacts.html to find the bus from your city!

If you're organizing a bus from your city and it's not listed on the website, fill out the easy-to-use form at: http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/j18/j18contacts.html#list
(if this link does not take you directly to the form, please scroll down)


Help spread the word! DOWNLOAD the NEW FLYER at http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/resources/index.html
(If you are unable to download it, call 202-544-3389 or 415-821-6545 to have an original copy mailed to you.)

For LOGISTICAL INFORMATION (directions, housing, parking, etc.), go to: http://www.internationalanswer.org/campaigns/j18/logistics.html



[email protected]
New York 212-633-6646
Washington 202-332-5757
Chicago 773-878-0166
Los Angeles 213-487-2368
San Francisco 415-821-6545

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