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Olympic Sweatshops
2004-03-10, 10:31 a.m.

Dear Anti-Sweatshop Activists:

In the lead-up to the Athens Olympic Games in August, Global Unions, the Clean Clothes Campaign, Oxfams and their allies around the world will be campaigning with sportswear workers to persuade sports brands and the International Olympics Committee to Play Fair At The Olympics and ensure respect for sportswear workers' rights.

Global Exchange believes this is a very important public education campaign, and we urge you to get involved.

As momentum builds toward the Athens Olympic Games, it is not just athletes who are feeling the pressure. The global sportswear industry is using ruthless tactics to produce the latest fashions, made cheaper and faster and to ever more punishing deadlines. In order to deliver, suppliers are forcing their employees to work longer and harder, denying them their fundamental workers' rights. These women and men endure long hours; low wages, harsh working conditions, face extreme job insecurity and are typically prevented from exercising their right to join and form trade unions.

The campaign opens with a two-month Global Season of Action. Around the world people will be taking part by signing action cards or petitions, leafleting their workplaces or communities and organizing creative protests.

On 4 March the central campaign launch in London features athletes with the campaign message painted on their bodies. The range of other launch actions vary from torch relays to bike rides, Greek gods in a national Olympic Stadium and giant washing lines.

To get involved with this important campaign, please visit:


Thank you, as always, for your efforts to eliminate sweatshop abuses.

Global Exchange

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