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Boycott Coke!
2002-05-04, 8:40 p.m.

Another reason to boycott Coca-Cola:

Everyone has the right to collectively bargain to gain better working conditions and just pay, but Coca-Cola doesn't seem to think so. You may be shocked to learn about the conditions under which Coca Cola products are produced and distributed. As if supporting apartheid wasn't enough . . .

In Colombia, for example, union workers who bottle Coca Cola products have been kidnapped, tortured and murdered.† The largest Coca Cola union in Colombia has asked for an international campaign against Coke to stop the violence against workers, which has included a half-dozen murders at one plant alone in the mid-1990ís. Reports of these crimes sparked a historic lawsuit against the Coca Cola Company and their Colombian bottler by the International Labor Rights Fund and the United Steelworkers of America on behalf of the Colombian union.

The website also has sample letters to send, flyers, and more information.

Remember, a boycott means more than not buying/supporting something--

you have to make sure the companies know why you aren't by faxing, emailing, writing, etc. Also, boycotts work better when there is solidarity, so spread the word. Too hard not to drink coke? Try a natural soda like blue mountain sodas or juice or tea.

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