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Humanity's Shrine (plus a Note from the Editor)
2002-05-07, 9:12 a.m.

Nothing Sacred...

By eNtity

THere are many things which make me wonder why I bother. But the one that cuts the most is those who exist only as extentions of their angst. They harm those around them and never think twice about the consequences. So why this 'rant' again? I'm posting it again because for the first time, I've realized just how corrupt this place is. Not the world in general, but D-land in specific.
You humans take anything that could be beautiful and you tear it into a million pieces, like you've done with this and so many other sites or communities. Nothing lovely ever has a chance. Not in the face of your burning rage. There's a good chance that I'm going to lose someone who was, in my eyes, the purest human I'd ever met. And I'm going to lose her because of this hate. So I say.... Be ye at peace.

Note added by diary owner: I just wanted to remind people that this isn't a rant diary or a debate diary or a complaint diary, it's an activist alert diary. Please stick to posts which are calls to action on a specific issue (including the specific action, not just a general complaint about something!). Thanks.

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