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Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe
2002-05-08, 6:45 p.m.

I know there has been a lot of media coverage of Zimbabwe's recent political and economic crisis (at least in the UK) but I would still like to push awareness of the controversial elections and civil rights abuses going on there. Zimbabwe was once an African country with promise. There are racial inbalances in wealth that needed to be addressed, but the current government (Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF) is using this as an excuse to plug his own greedy self interest, with no regard to the people of the country both black and white. Zimbabweans deserve better than the current situation of their country. The answers the first world are currently providing for their plight, are not thorough enough, the EU and US smart sanctions ( freezing of bank assests) were took too long to implement and Zimbabwe's suspension from the commonwealth doesn't seem to be much more than a reprimand. It has all come a little too late.

All evidence of the recent Zimbabwean presidential elections suggest (no scream out) that it was not free and fair. Yet, America and the EU have done little more than express remorse and faint condemnation. Israel and Palestine, plus America's questionable war on terror are taking up all media coverage and top the head of the to do list in most first world foreign policies, yet Zimbabwe's is a problem that could be solved with the right attention and policies. Zimbabwe is not just a tea pot shaped country at the bottom of Africa, it is not pot bellied children on your television. It is the home of 12.5million people who could create a country with something to offer the world. All I want is more attention to its problems. More world concern.

E-Zim; For Some of The Stuff You Could Have Never Wanted To Know About Zimbabwe

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