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Let battered women out on parole
2002-06-24, 5 p.m.

Battered woman whose parole was approved by the prison board just has her parole vetoed by the governor.

Gov. Davis just vetoed the parole of Maria Suarez. She was a teen when Anselmo Covarrubias, a 68 year old man, bought her for $200 and brought her from Mexico as his slave for 5 years, repeatedly raping and controlling her. A couple, the Sotos, rented the garage in the Covarrubias house,and Maria came upon them clubbing Covarrubias to death. They gave her the club to bury. She was convicted of murder

altho the Sotos say she was not involved. (Originally the translator said the Sotos said she was) Her attorney was involved in drug dealing

and Maria was his first felony trial. He admits he did not represent her well. The house had been put in Maria's name probably to keep it from his wife, and Gov. Davis vetoed her parole approval because he said she stood to profit from the death. Her attorney said she didn't have the capacity to understand the house title was in her name.

Story in SF Press.

Even the homicide detective who put her behind bars says Suarez should be freed.

Please email Gov. Gray Davis at [email protected]

On the subject line, put: Please honor parole board decisions

Tell him to honor parole board decisions to free

rehabilitated inmates, and to take into account the effects that years of slavery, rape and abuse have on victims.

Gray Davis is facing a tough fight from Republican Bill Simon this year. Davis wants women's votes and positions himself as a pro-women candidate (as opposed to anti-abortion Simon). Tell Davis that if he wants our votes, he has to prove his commitment.

(If you're in California, put your city below your name. Thanks!)

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